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A dipole is the most efficient antenna available in the field, and the Lencom LT011 is simplicity to erect and operate, with a total extended length of 72m allowing operation down to 2MHz.

Throwing weights are supplied to locate and support the balun and dipole ends.

The dipole elements need only be unrolled to the correct length from their winders, and captive brass crimps are fitted to aid in determining element lengths.

A length vs. frequency chart is part of the Installation Instructions for use with transceivers that do not have an internal VSWR bridge.

All components required for the antenna erection are supplied, including balun, halyard and throwing weight, D shackle, dipole elements (on winding frames), throwing weights, a 15m terminated coaxial cable and canvas bag.

There are no fixings to lose, as all parts slip into or clamp on to each other.

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