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The Lencom® 4005 Active Tuned Dipole antenna is a low-footprint, base-station antenna.

It is optimised to tune its four 4.8m dipole elements to a VSWR typically less than 1.5:1 over the whole range of 2.5 to 30 MHz, with no gaps.

The memory tuning time of <130 milliseconds makes the 4005 the ideal tuner for networks using ALE and/or frequency hopping, with tuning times for new frequencies averaging less than 1 second.

The 4005 is extremely rugged, and meets MIL-STD 810F for waterproofing (IP67), shock, vibration and dust ingress.

A special, receive-only version is also available with a 1.5MHz to 30MHz frequency range. Please enquire.

Lencom makes a custom mast that is designed to suit the 4005.

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