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The Lencom 4002 and 4006 are designed specifically for short vehicular whip antennas, and are rapid, highly efficient, reliable tuners.

The 4002 is optimised to tune a 1.6m whip from 2.5-30MHz with a VSWR typically of 1.5:1 or better.

A 2.4m whip enables operation from 2 to 30MHz.

The 4006 extends the whip length that can be tuned to 10m.

The unique tuning algorithms provide memory-tune locations for all frequencies between 2-30MHz.

Memory tuning times of <130mS make the 4002 and 4006 the ideal tuners for networks using ALE and/or frequency hopping, with tuning times for new frequencies averaging less than 1 second.

The 4002 and 4006 are extremely rugged, and meet MIL-STD 810F for waterproofing (IP68), shock, vibration and dust ingress.

The 4010 HF mobile antenna is an excellent match for the 4002 and 4006, is designed specifically for military use, and meets rigid military standards.

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