Lightning Arrestor

The LencomĀ® LA088  Lightning Arrestor helps protect radio equipment by providing a parallel path to ground for both static build-up and lightning.

It utilises a spark gap, so has as its active protection element a device comprising two electrodes facing each other, one being electrically connected to the coaxial cable while the other is electrically connected to ground.

The electrodes are separated by an insulating zone of air.

When a surge generated by the arrival of lightning current reaches a predetermined level, an electric arc is struck and becomes established between the electrodes, thereby creating a short-circuit for carrying the lightning current to ground, and as a result helping to protect the radio equipment.

It has an insertion loss of less than 0.1dB over the range of 2-30MHz.

The LA088 is a single-piece unit.

A 01-1010-001 Earthing Kit is available, which comprises:

  • 1.4m copper coated steel earthing rod
  • 2m of earth wire
  • earth strap and fixings
  • 1 bag of conductive grease

These should be ordered at the time of ordering the LA088.

Warning: Whilst installing lightning arrestors is considered essential practice to limit potential damage, complete protection cannot be guaranteed.


Download the LA088 Lightning Arrestor PDF Data Sheet (207kB)


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