HF 2-wire Folded Dipole Antennas


LB00X Horizontal                            LB00X Inverted V 2
LB00X mounted horizontally   LB00X mounted as an inverted Vee


The Lencom® LB00X Broadband Dipole antenna has been designed for fixed station, multi-frequency operation, and covers the entire frequency range of 2-30MHz with a power rating of 125W PEP (75W average).

A 1KW PEP (600W average) variant is available.

No antenna tuner is required.

Three different lengths are offered at both power levels; all provide VSWR of generally less than 2:1 over the whole range , but increase in efficiency with length. Lengths are 27m, 34m and 43m.

The antenna can be mounted horizontally between two masts, or as an inverted Vee using a single central mast .

The antenna is constructed of stranded stainless steel wire rope for long life and resistance to kinking.

Installation is made easy as the antenna elements are rolled on to cardboard tubes to enable the antenna to be easily unrolled on site.

The antenna is fully assembled, and no specialised tools are needed for installation.

Lencom can provide extremely lightweight aluminium masts for either application.

Lencom can supply a variety of masts—please enquire by clicking the mast icon 10M LW Mast with gibbet cropped


Download the LB00X PDF data sheet (290kB)



Since 1984, Lencom has supplied innovative HF antennas and associated products world-wide.

The company was founded on technical innovation and has developed quality antennas for HF Radios for over twenty years.

Lencom supplies major OEM companies, whose customers include government departments, aid agencies, interdiction and defence organisations, and multiple commercial operations.

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