3-wire Folded Dipole Antennas

LB025 Inverted V

LB025 Flat Top

The LB025 Broadband Dipole antenna has been designed for fixed station multi-frequency operation, and covers the entire frequency range of 2-30MHz with a power rating of 150W PEP.

No antenna tuner is required.

As supplied this antenna is suitable for erection in the Inverted V or Horizontal configurations.
The Inverted V has the advantage of requiring only one main mast but Horizontal installations are more efficient.

All materials used in this antenna are chosen for a long trouble free life.
The wire elements are stainless steel.
Balun and load housings are custom made mouldings of UV resistant, fibre reinforced plastic and insulators are long-life moulded plastic.

Lencom can supply a variety of masts—please enquire by clicking here.


Download the LB025 PDF data sheet (119KB)