2-wire Folded Dipole Antenna and 10m Mast

1003 shown truncated for clarity


The Lencom 1003 series combines a 2-30MHz folded dipole antenna with an extremely light-weight 10m aluminium mast.The combination weighs only 26kg in total, and can be erected quickly by one person.

The folded dipole antennas cover the whole HF frequency range of 2-30MHz, without needing an Antenna Tuning Unit. Antenna lengths are 27m, 34m or 43m, with antenna efficiency rising with the longer variants.

The antenna is installed in an inverted ā€œVā€ configuration with the included mast.

The bespoke centre tube that holds the input balun and terminating load drops directly on to the top of the mast, eliminating the need for any mounting hardware, pullies or raising ropes. Constructed of marine-grade aluminium tubing, the 02-2170-001 mast comprises five 2m sections that simply slide together.

The mast is guyed three ways at the 4m and 8m levels (with an additional two guys at the antenna level), and can be supplied with natural aluminium finish or blackened.

Star pickets are supplied for the guys, and are pre-fitted with galvanised shackles.
A full installation kit is supplied.


Download the 1003 PDF data sheet (100KB)